Favourites of the 2018 Toronto Fringe Festival

by Justin Haley

What a wonderful pleasure it has been to cover the 2018 Toronto Fringe Festival. Liza and I are truly grateful to have been apart of the Festival this year. Seeing so much theatre over the past few weeks has been such a gift. What a way to start the Summer of 2018 in the city. Here is a list of our top 5 favourites from this year!!


Josephine, A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play

By far Josephine was our absolute favourite! Tymisha Harris is a revelation. A captivating and gifted performance artist with profound stage presence. The piece was tidy and sharp. It was well conceived and perfectly executed. It was inspiring and profoundly moving. Josephine Baker would be PROUD.



Morro & Jasp - Save The Date

Didn't these two just charm the heck outta me! Heather Marie Annis & Amy Lee are simply delicious. They are masters at their craft and Save the Date was a spectacular display of what they do best. I was so moved by these angels on so many levels and I loved every minute of this piece.




Cory Thibert' s AWKWARD HUG was a beautiful and tender experience and a real highlight for us. Embodying his 19 year old self Cory tells a deeply personal and vulnerable tale of how living with parents with disabilities has impacted his own life and experiences. Cory is adorable and charming in his one man show. His story is told with such poignancy and humour and is a real celebration of our divine humanity and our deepest desire to simply connect.



First Dates

First Dates was a sweet little gem of a show. 'A journey through the wondrous world of the meet up, the make out, the awkward, and the pre-destined. Different couples. Different generations. Different results.' First Dates was moving and relatable. It was heartfelt and bursting with humanity. It was beautifully acted - chalk full of some of this Country's best of the best. I can't wait to see how this show develops. There is so much potential here to take this piece further... interconnecting these tales even more and infusing the piece with powerful choral arrangements would definitely take First Dates to the next level.



We'll Be Better Tomorrow 

After a week of seeing many somber and more serious pieces of theatre, We'll Be Better Tomorrow was EXACTLY what the Doctor ordered on my final Friday of the festival. I literally did not stop laughing for almost an hour straight. Stacey McGunnigle & Jason DeRosse are incredible comedic performers, and their chemistry on stage is electrifying. Their comedy revue here is absolutely hysterical and I loved every moment of it!