Category E at Coal Mine

by Justin Haley


Coal Mine Theatre closes its highly successful fourth season with the Toronto premiere of Belinda Cornish's award-winning horror-comedy CATEGORY E, directed by Rae Ellen Bodie, April 8-29, 2018 at the Coal Mine, off-off Broadview.

Two subjects imprisoned in a human test lab are joined by a third. Under constant surveillance by The Eye – a futuristic, multinational corporation dedicated to manufacturing the best products money can buy – the three roommates undergo sickening experiments in the name of consumer satisfaction. When not tending to suppurating wounds, burning skin and itchy backsides, they make the best of their horrifying circumstances by telling each other tall-tales, spying on the neighbours, and trying to finish a seventeen-year-old crossword puzzle. Will they survive? Or will they kill each other first?

This piece of theatre is a total trip. A claustrophobic juggernaut. A deep well full of social and humanitarian commentary held together by three committed and powerful performances. It is provocative and uncomfortable and poignant. Go see it! For theatre geeks this is such a feast of epic proportions. 

Coal Mine Theatre presents

The Toronto Premiere of
Written by Belinda Cornish
Directed by Rae Ellen Bodie
Starring Diana Bentley, Vivien Endicott-Douglas and Robert Persichini
Set and Costume Design by Anna Treusch
Lighting Design by Gabriel Cropley
Sound design by Keith Thomas
Coal Mine Theatre, 1454 Danforth Avenue, Toronto
April 8–29, 2018
Tuesday-Saturday @ 7:30 • Sunday Matinee @ 2pm
All Tickets $42.50 + hst