The Secret Life of a Mother

by Justin Haley

A week ago Liza and I had the opportunity to check out Hannah Moscovitch's new piece at the Theatre Centre. Staring Maev Beaty - The Secret Life of a Mother is awonderfully tender and raw look at motherhood. Delivered in 5 acts Ms. Beaty gives a harrowing and hilarious performance. She is quite literally a force of nature and watching her on stage is such a gift. Would love to see 15 minutes more added to this piece which is such intetesting feedback and so rare.


In 2013, long-time friends, Hannah Moscovitch (Bunny / Stratford Festival) and Maev Beaty (Mouthpiece / feature film) began work on a project about motherhood. What started as an exploration of mothers took a very personal turn when both women became mothers themselves. Suddenly, they were experiencing what they were writing about; an investigation became a confessional.

Written by one of Canada’s most prolific and popular playwrights, Secret Life of a Mother, developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre, is an exposé of modern motherhood and Hannah Moscovitch’s most personal writing to date. One of her oldest friends, the multiple Dora Award-winning actor Maev Beaty, tells this story, and through it her own motherhood secrets start to surface.



By Hannah Moscovitch with Maev Beaty and Ann-Marie Kerr
Developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre
Co-produced by The SLOM Collective and The Theatre Centre
Core Creator and Director: Ann-Marie Kerr

The Theatre Centre, Franco Boni Theatre, 1115 Queen Street West

On until November 11, 2018
Tuesday – Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday @ 2pm

To purchase online visit or call 416.538.0988