What's On This Weekend - November 17-19th

by Liza Mattimore

Photo featuring Jordan Cheng & Derek Kwan by Chien-Che Tang

Photo featuring Jordan Cheng & Derek Kwan by Chien-Che Tang

We have been looking forward to this one since we missed it at Summerworks this past summer. Mr. Shi and His Lover is an intriguing contemporary opera about the delusion of love. Featuring performers from Toronto and Macau, Mr. Shi and His Lover illuminates the real-life affair of a French diplomat in China who falls in love with a mysterious opera singer. But is she who she says she is? This classic tale is told through music inspired by Chinese opera and vintage pop from both East and West. Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles.

Approximate running time is 75 minutes, with no intermission. Check out Tarragon Theatre for more info and to purchase tickets. 


written by Wong Teng Chi & Njo Kong Kie
composer & music director Njo Kong Kie
directed by Tam Chi Chun
starring Jordan Cheng & Derek Kwan
percussionist Yukie Lai
pianist Njo Kong Kie
lighting design Fung Kwok Kee Gabriel
set & costume concept Tam Chi Chun
text translator Derek Kwan
surtitle operators Echo Zhou & Eleven Xu
stage manager Luby Lam
sound engineer Ryan A McNabb
associate producer Kevin Matthew Wong
co-producer & assistant lighting designer Erik Kuong


Alone in a room for the first time in years, a couple is brought back together again after a harrowing breakup. As Poison progresses, old wounds re-open, new truths surface, and the real reason behind their separation is learned. Delicate yet hard-hitting, Poison holds up a (hopeful) mirror to humanity where love and humour can still be found in the midst of so much pain.

We don't know much about this other than its reputation in Holland, where it is widely considered as one of the most internationally successful plays coming from the Netherlands. But we do know that the Coal Mine is behind this production and that is reason enough for us to head east. Everything they do sells out, so book early and don't miss this one. 

Jeff Ho photo by Dahlia Katz

Jeff Ho photo by Dahlia Katz

trace follows three generations of mother and son from the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong to Canada in the 21st century. Combining virtuosic original piano compositions with an incredible performance and lyrical text, this exquisite and stimulating one man chamber play offers a new look into the lasting implications of sacrifice across generations. We recently had a chance to interview writer, composer and performer Jeff Ho. We loved this piece and we know you will too.

See you at the theatre!