Upcoming: Portraits in Motion

by Liza Mattimore

With only four performances beginning Wednesday April 13th through Saturday April 16th it would be easy to miss Harbourfront Centre's upcoming production of Portraits in Motion. But it would be a real shame because this World Stage event looks incredible.  

Creator Volker Gerling has walked over 3,500 kilometers through Germany.  All the while Gerling took photographs of people he met during his wanderings, creating a travelling “thumb cinema” exhibition — portraits in the form of photographic flipbooks.

In a style that’s part lecture and part travelogue, Gerling reveals a selection of his favourite flipbooks. Using a video camera, he creates a spectacle that combines both the contemporary as well as much older forms of cinematic spectatorship. In a series of enchanting recollections, the subjects he photographed are momentarily brought to life as the theatre becomes a communal place of storytelling. This is a  production that lives at the intersection of theatre, cinema and photography and was the recipient of a prestigious Total Theatre Award at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  We are really looking forward to seeing it this week.

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