Betroffenheit - Not One to Miss

by Liza Mattimore

Betroffenheit is a German word which roughly translated means, "stopped dead in your tracks."  It is used to describe shock or being grief stricken.  Playwright Jonathon Young suffered the tragic death of his daughter in 2009.  In trying to come to terms with the loss he wrote.  But it wasn't until teaming up with choreographer Crystal Pite that Betroffenheit truly was born.  The, part dance, part theatrical spoken word production debuted at Panamania last summer, and was much praised for its innovative and captivating storytelling. 

The show returns to Toronto as part of a large international tour.  But the mesmerizing production is only onstage for four performances this weekend at the Bluma Appel.  Tickets will be hard to come by but if you able to get a ticket you'll be in for something special. 

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