by Justin Haley

Buddies kicks off its 35th(!!!) season with the opening of PIG. We have been in the Toronto Theatre community for years now and we haven't seen a piece generate such controversy and buzz. People are really talking about this one folks. Are you ready?!

Also stay tuned over the next few weeks as we have an exclusive interview with writer Tim Luscombe!


Show Description c/o Buddies:  


How far would you go for love? PIG follows three gay couples as they stretch the boundaries of their relationships in the quest for deeper levels of intimacy. Through acts of emotional domination, sexual submission, compulsion, and violence, these men delve into the space where the lines between shame, hatred, love, and obsession cease to exist. A provocative account of contemporary sexuality told by UK writer Tim Luscombe.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre launches its season with the world premiere of PIG by British playwright Tim Luscombe. Based in Berlin, Luscombe has had a successful and varied career abroad which has included productions of his play The One You Love at The Royal Court and Thomas Ostermeier’s Baracke Theater in Berlin, his musical EuroVision, which was produced by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, and his recent adaptation of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park which has toured the UK to great acclaim. This production is directed by Buddies' Artistic Director Brendan Healy.

In the tradition of “in-yer-face theatre” (pioneered by writers such as Sarah Kane and Tracy Letts), Luscombe offers a raw and confrontational take on sex and love, in a world where sexual liberation and new technologies allow us to explore the furthest limits of our carnal desires. 

The play casts its three actors as a series of men striving to achieve deeper levels of physical and emotional intimacy in their relationships. From a couple struggling to maintain a monogamous ‘traditional’ marriage to a pair of sex workers caught in an abusive relationship and a sadist seeking increasingly brutal encounters with his partners, these men find themselves caught in webs of addiction, domestic abuse, prostitution, violent sex, and sexual violence. As the lives of these characters begin to intersect and overlap, the line between romantic ideal and addictive hell ceases to exist and the audience is asked to consider whether the even most horrifying acts can be expressions of love. 

Much like the revolutionary works of The Marquis de Sade and Anne Desclos' The Story of OPIG presents a brazen look at our darkest physical impulses and stretches our understanding of sexuality, power, violence, and love.


Buddies in Bad Times Theatre presents

by Tim Luscombe
directed by Brendan Healy
starring Bruce Dow, Paul Dunn & Blair Williams
September 14, 15, 17 & 18 |
Opening Night 
September 19
October 6
Runs Tues-Sat 
8pm, Sun 2:30pm @ 8pm
Tickets PWYC - $37
Box Office 
416-975-8555 or 
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street