Angels in America

by Liza Mattimore

If you haven't heard,the show to see this month is Soulpepper's Angels in America. The two part epic is being hailed by critics. The Star called it "triumphant."  The Globe and Mail said Soulpepper "found greatness," with their revival.  And the National Post even went so far as to call it, "heaven sent." 

In a day and age where most entertainment comes in the 140 characters, 15 second sound bites or headline tickers, even playwrights and producers have turned increasingly to shorter shows without intermissions.  That makes Angels in America some what of a risk since it is staged in two parts and takes well over six hours.  And it has paid off for Soulpepper.  Tickets are selling rapidly.  So if you haven't booked yours yet you'd better act fast

Here is the show synopsis from Soulpepper. 

Part I

Encompassing the lives of seven individuals as they negotiate New York City during the AIDS crisis that wracked the world in the 1980s, Kushner looks to a deeply human series of reactions to a seemingly indiscriminate epidemic, and offers spiritual outlet for the redemption and reclamation of their souls.

Part II

In this stunning finale Kushner brings an other-worldly, angelic presence to protagonist Prior Walter as he and his fellow sufferers negotiate how their lives will either progress or end. Palliative confessions, realizations, and declarations of faith give way to hope for the future and a lesson in humanity.


Angels in America  written by Tony Kushner.

Part I: Millennium Approaches

 Part II: Perestroika


Troy Adams, Belize & others

Damien Atkins, Prior Walter & others

Raquel Duffy, The Angel & others

Diego Matamoros, Roy M. Cohn & others

Michelle Monteith, Harper Amaty Pitt & others

Nancy Palk, Hannah Porter Pitt & others

Gregory Prest, Louis Ironson & others

Mike Ross, Joseph Porter Pitt & others


Albert Schultz, Director

Lorenzo Savoini, Set & Costume Designer

Bonnie Beecher, Lighting Designer

Richard Feren, Composer & Sound Designer

Simon Fon, Fight Director

Stu Cox, Fly Captain

Arwen MacDonell, Production Stage Manager

Sarah Miller, Assistant Stage Manager

Emily Mewett, Apprentice Stage Manager