Kim's Convenience

by Justin Haley

We saw Kim's for the very first time last week and we fell in LOVE! Like many of you who have seen it we adored how impactful it was. There is something very Toronto about the piece but it has such a universal appeal as well. Ins Choi's writing is sharp and very witty, it is moving and incredibly layered. Reading the notes from the piece I cannot help but share with you all the fine words expressing just how relatable the piece is:  


"Kim's Convenience may centre on a family of first-generation Korean immigrants, but their story is thoroughly human, moving beyond culture to simple humanism. Some may identify with anxiety for the success of a child; some to the pressure of a strong parental figure; some to the irrational frustration that comes hand-in-hand with over-saturation of a family member in close proximity. Some may understand the pain of estrangement; some may simply recognise the once ubiquitous sight of the Toronto Korean convenience store." Toby Malone, Ph.D

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