Preview: A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football

by Liza Mattimore

Sports and dance fans alike can come see the world’s most popular game in a new light with Norwegian Jo Strømgren Kompani’s A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football taking on World Stage April 10-13, 2013. Intense physicality is combined with quirky humour in celebration of a global obsession. With production support from BMO Financial Group, A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football is exhilarating, passionate and tremendously fun.  

A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football seeks to bridge sport and art and to underscore their similarities with humour, energy and superb physical feats. From the locker room to the pitch, football is revealed as an art and a passion that binds people together with athletic prowess and aesthetic appreciation.  

World Stage 2013 artistic director Tina Rasmussen comments: “This piece is a gift for us to compare the arena of performance to athletes, as sculptors of their space and as members of an ensemble having an end goal to play out.”

Advisory: contains partial nudity. Suggested age: 12+

The show's run is limited so be sure to get tickets early.  And be sure to check out all of the extra events on in support of A Dance Tribute to Football.  Ticket info and event details available here.