HATCH has Arrived

by Liza Mattimore

Harbourfront Centre’s performing arts residency and presentation series, will return from April 16 – May 7. Curated by Evan Webber, the HATCH programme’s 12th edition invites innovative artists working at the intersections of theatre, dance and performance to develop new work in Harbourfront Centre’s Studio Theatre. Their residencies will culminate in four adventurous and unpredictable interdisciplinary presentations.

Evan Webber says: “The artists in this HATCH residency are all working with the theatre as a place where real processes occur – practical, physical work on imaginary, intangible, displaced or denigrated subjects. In my understanding, that makes their work very political.”

HATCH 12 welcomes four groups of artists: Aimée Dawn RobinsonFrancesco GagliardiArs Mechanica, andLeslie Katz, Liz Peterson & Vanessa Dunn. With materials including texts by Gertrude Stein and Jean Genet, hairdressing technique and the memory processes of improvising dancers, HATCH 12’s works reflect on moments when domestic, trivial, ornamental or private subjects resist themselves and change their form.

New this year to HATCH, Harbourfront Centre will introduce ‘Pay What You Want’ pricing for all HATCHpresentations. HATCH artists receive 100% of the net ticket revenue for their performances, and patrons are encouraged to consider their ticket as a pledge of support for artist development. Tickets are available for purchase in-person only, from 1:00pm on the date of the performance, at the Harbourfront Centre box office.
For more information the public can call 416 973 4000, visit harbourfrontcentre.com/hatch or connect with HATCH on Facebook.

Upcoming: Portraits in Motion

by Liza Mattimore

With only four performances beginning Wednesday April 13th through Saturday April 16th it would be easy to miss Harbourfront Centre's upcoming production of Portraits in Motion. But it would be a real shame because this World Stage event looks incredible.  

Creator Volker Gerling has walked over 3,500 kilometers through Germany.  All the while Gerling took photographs of people he met during his wanderings, creating a travelling “thumb cinema” exhibition — portraits in the form of photographic flipbooks.

In a style that’s part lecture and part travelogue, Gerling reveals a selection of his favourite flipbooks. Using a video camera, he creates a spectacle that combines both the contemporary as well as much older forms of cinematic spectatorship. In a series of enchanting recollections, the subjects he photographed are momentarily brought to life as the theatre becomes a communal place of storytelling. This is a  production that lives at the intersection of theatre, cinema and photography and was the recipient of a prestigious Total Theatre Award at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  We are really looking forward to seeing it this week.

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